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I have the following problem: I'm using Redis with NodeJS together via mranney's driver and my NodeJS webserver is retrieving some data from Redis, doing some operations on it and saving it back to the Redis. But this operation (call it X) may take a while so multiple users can fire it at the same time on the same resources.

So if a user A fires X and user B fires X at the same time I want user A to finish the job and then user B to get the (processed) data and do X. In the meantime user B waits. The order of users is irrelevant - only that one-at-a-time. So how to achieve this in my scenario? How to lock/unlock Redis? Is it even possible?

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There are a few ways to implement locking in Redis, without knowing more about scenario it sounds like SETNX would work. See Design pattern: Locking with SETNX in the Redis documentation. Also, transactions in Redis might be interesting reading, although I suspect it's not exactly what you're after in this case.

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Great link! I think this is exactly what I need! I already knew about transactions but couldn't find anything on locking. Thank you very much. :) –  freakish Feb 29 '12 at 10:48

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