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Is there a simple way of moving back to the root node within any given context. The XML document I'm working with is extremely large and would require using ../.. about a dozen times!!

Any help is greatly appreciated guys.

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I'm guessing you are in a predicate here? and want to return to look at data higher up the tree for your condition?

You should be able to start with a leading / and then work your way back down e.g

/vehicles/cars/car[@id = /vehicles/featuredVehicle/@id]

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Ahh I was under the impression I was stuck in a context!! thanks :) –  heymega Feb 29 '12 at 13:59
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An XPath expression starting with / is always referring to the root element. Look here for the syntax and some useful sample queries

If you want to select the root element itself, simply use /<element name> or /*

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You can use the ancestor axis. Say you have this document:


Then a/b/c/ancestor::a brings the context to the c node and then back to the a node.

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Yes. Use "/" as your XPath expression. This will select the root element for you. "//" selects the root and all its descendants.

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