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I have a simple upload system that saves a file to the root of the server (e.g C:/files), obviously I need to read the file in with scala from the path and then some how make it accessible from a simple path in an image tag, like:

<img src="/files/test.jpg" />

Thanks in advance, any help much appreciated :)

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If all you want to do is serve up the raw files, then follow Odomontois's advice and just serve up that file location using Apache or nginx.

Presumably, though, you want to do something more than just that (access control, filtering, etc.). In that case, I would recommend building a RESTful service that uses a StreamingResponse.

The use of StreamingResponse is important; otherwise large files could cause out-of-memory errors.

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Not completely sure but I would start by looking at manipulating LiftRules in your Boot class to tell Lift to serve images from C:/files. Or you could try moving the files from C:/files to /images where they will get served automatically.

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Best option here is to install apache or nginx server to nice serve static files. With that you could upstream lift server to target HTTP server, maintain load balancing, etc.

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