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Today i tried to update my application on the Android Market but I get this error.

Error: New APK version is lower than previous APK version

I use multiple apks. The excisting apk have version code and name below:

Nr1.  VersionCode: 423104
VersionName: 1.0.4

Nr2. VersionCode: 411104
VersionName: 1.0.4

Nr1 is for normal and xlarge screens and nr2 is for small screens.

The new update is with 3 apks. 1 for small, 1 for normal and 1 for large.

New update:

VersionCode: 433105
VersionName: 1.0.5

VersionCode: 411105
VersionName: 1.0.5

VersionCode: 422105
VersionName: 1.0.5

I cant see where I have done wrong. Any suggestions ?

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Can u try uploading NR2,NR3 n then NR1. based on the verison levels. – TechnoCRAP Feb 29 '12 at 11:30

I'm guessing NEW Nr1 and Nr3 combined support the devices your OLD Nr1 used to support?

Change new Nr3 to use a VersionCode higher than 423104 (your old Nr1 VersionCode). Right now it's lower (422105).

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