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I use a modified form of TODO comment (SteveC_TODO) that allows me to group my own todos together in the task list.

Yesterday I thought it would be nice to modify the refactoring snippets to add a todo comment to the usual NotImplemented exception. I modified the Method Stub - Body snippet to this

  //SteveC_TODO: implement $end$$signature$
  throw new $Exception$();

but this results in the todo comment having the full method signature. It serves the purpose but I would prefer the comment to only use the name from the method signature and be of the form

//SteveC_TODO: implement CoolMethod

rather than of the form

//SteveC_TODO: implement private void CoolMethod(object o)

Does anyone know of a way that I can do this? I presume that the arguments passed to refactoring snippets are fixed but perhaps there is a way to parse the $signature$ argument to extract just the name. Anyone know if that might be possible?

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I think you have to modify it to something like

$accessability$ $returntype$ $method$($arguments$) 
   //SteveC_TODO: implement $method$
   $end$throw new $Exception$("The method or operation is not implemented.");

You have to declare the literals accessability, returntype, method, arguments,...

Have a look here for how to create codesnippets

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As I expected that doesn't work. The refactoring code that calls the snippet expects it to have a $signature$ token. – Steve Crane Jun 4 '09 at 12:27

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