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we are using VTK to render data in a regular desktop application, e.g. for images such as this one:

and I was very excited to learn about xtk, which does an awesome job to produce the same renderings in a web browser. I already managed to export our ROIs in vtk so I can load them into xtk, e.g.

However, as you see in the image of the first link, I would like to also add the MIP rendering of the mouse (to provide some further context). On the VTK side I use a vtkVolume, vtkVolumeRayCastMIPFunction and vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastMapper to produce the MIP rendering. Unfortunately, I did not yet understand how to export this in a way xtk can use (similar to lessen 05 with skull.vtk).

Could you please let me know how you produced the skull.vtk example from a raw volume dataset?

Thank you very much. Awesome tool! Christian

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Hi, is there a solution for this problem already? I would also like to know how to store volume files, e.g. get them from VTK. – dforce Dec 6 '12 at 12:10

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Christian, your demo looks awesome!

Unfortunately, the volume rendering/MIP functionality is not available in XTK yet.

Likely, it will be included in the next release 3 which is scheduled for 3/12/12.

Right now, it is already possible to load .nrrd volume data files like in this (unofficial) lesson: Please not that it uses the xtk_edge.js version which might be unstable.

This functionality is the base for the upcoming volume rendering so you can imagine something like this:

v = new X.volume();
v.setVolumeRendering(true); // this call might change

The skull.vtk file you refer to and which might look like MIP is actually just a surface model with reduced opacity :)

Cheers, Daniel

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Also, I think if you would add normals to your vtk files, the visualization look much better. Do you want to send an email to so we could discuss? Thx. – haehn Feb 29 '12 at 15:19
Thanks for your quick reply. Have send a mail to your developer's mailinglist with more questions :-). Christian – Christian Mar 4 '12 at 14:39

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