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I'd like to process the following columns in a google-spreadsheet. The Time column represents the minutes,second and milli seconds take to run 1km and i'd like to be able to sum the four values.

Split   Time
1       3:13:4
2       3:20:5
3       3:16:1
4       3:26:3

I suspect that I need to convert and split the time column into specific minute and second columns to achieve this goal but would appreciate any advise that developer may have.

I updated the format of the time column and used the SPLIT / CONTINUE functions

Total Seconds=(C2*60)+D2

The table now looks like

Split Time    minutes   Seconds Total Seconds
1   03:13:00    3   13  193 
2   03:15:00    3   15  195 
3   03:16:00    3   16  196 

Still wondering about the most efficient way to convert the Total Seconds value to a time.

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Simple =Sum(B2:B4) does the trick for me –  Guy Feb 29 '12 at 14:56
Perhaps this answer on Web Applications is of interest: webapps.stackexchange.com/a/57409/29140 –  Jacob Jan Tuinstra Feb 28 '14 at 13:53

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You can use the LEFT(text, number), MID(text, start, number), and RIGHT(text, number).

In detail:

Hours = LEFT(B2, 1)
Minutes = MID(B2, 3, 2)
Seconds = RIGHT(B2, 2)
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You can just use SUM for those values, a la:


Alternatively, you can use functions such as HOUR, MINUTE and SECOND to extract appropriate values if you want more fine-grained control.

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In your original sheet, in a new column:

=TO_DATE("00:0" & left($B2,4))

Then copy the formula down the column. This will convert your M:SS (the left 4 characters of your data) to the sheet's system date/time format, for each entry in column B. You can then sum and format the results as you like. This assumes there are no leading zeroes on your data. You can add code to check for this, but if your times all have single digits for the minutes value, it won't matter.

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