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I'm looking for a way to access files within a zip file without extracting the whole file. All the zip solutions I find on the internet seems to extract the whole zip. Does anyone know of a solution?

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Google has an objective-c lib based on minizip. Supports unzip of individual files

EDIT: the project has moved to GitHub

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Perfect!!! The Objective-Zip library is working extremely well. – EZFrag Mar 1 '12 at 7:10
link no longer exists....any other way round – Swati Dec 2 '13 at 11:35

The zlib library source distribution comes with a 'contrib' directory. In it, you'll find a library called 'minizip' (same license as zlib itself), which has APIs for creating (zip.h) and navigating/extracting (unzip.h) ZIP files. Despite the filename, there are functions in unzip.h which let you list or search for files within the zip file without extracting it.

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If the zip is up on the internet you can have a look at pinch which will let you extract individual files from the zip without downloading the whole file.

Maybe you can use it as a base to extract individual files from a local zip archive.

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