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How can I fill with zeros at left? My code is:

QString reelId = QString("Month %1").arg(QDate::currentDate().month());
qDebug() << reelId;

and out is: Month 2 and I want Month 02;

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The term you're really looking for is "pad", as in padding a string with something. Look through the QString documentation for this, specifically the various QString::arg() functions, which describes how to achieve this in a variety of ways :)

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Thanks whith QString("Month %1")..arg(QDate::currentDate().month(), 2, 10, QChar('0')); work fine. – Jjreina Feb 29 '12 at 12:38

Have a look at QString::rightJustified()

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QString reelId = QString( "Month %1" ).arg(
    QString::number( QDate::currentDate().month() ).rightJustified( 2, '0' )
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Another useful trick is to use QDate's toString() method thus:

QString reelId = QDate::currentDate().toString( "'Month' MM" );

The single quotes around "Month" prevent the word being interpreted as a placeholder.

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