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How can I format html files in vim using tidy and format just the contents of the script tags using Jsbeautifull?

I have this command: :%!tidy -i -xml --char-encoding utf8 --wrap 0 --show-errors 0 2>/dev/null for formating html files,

and this :call g:Jsbeautify() for formating the js file. How can I call g:Jsbeautifull() just on the contents of the script tags? Jsbeautifull(js_script, options) can take the js source as argument.

And I want to map it to <C-S-f>.

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control-shift is probably not recognized by vim. –  Benoit Feb 29 '12 at 16:40
I have other formating tools on <C-S-f> for other file types, and it works. –  microo8 Feb 29 '12 at 16:48
@microo8 Have you checked whether <C-S-f> yields the same result as <C-f>? It must not work because 1. internal representation of input queue is unable to hold this sequence; 2. terminal emulators are likely to send this sequence as <C-f> (rxvt-unicode) or even not send it at all (konsole); 3. the fact that my vim after doing nmap <C-S-f> smth is launching smth when I run <C-f> means that <C-S-f> is translated to \x06 (^F) when parsing :map arguments. –  ZyX Feb 29 '12 at 20:18
ok, it probably isnt recognized so i map it to <C-f>. But that is not the answer of my question. –  microo8 Feb 29 '12 at 20:44

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In jsbeautify.vim, line 310 shows this is not possible if you don't modify the plugin:

let lines = getline(1, "$")

Probably you want to customize that part (modify the function g:Jsbeautify() to take two arguments and use getline(a:start, a:end) instead.

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OK so when I just change the g:Jsbeautify() to g:Jsbeautify(start,end) and the line 310 to let lines = getline(start, end) it will be good? –  microo8 Feb 29 '12 at 15:54
@microo8: line 310 you have to use a:start and a:end if arguments are called start and end. Inside a function the a: prefix is used for argument variables. –  Benoit Feb 29 '12 at 16:03
OK so I changed the let lines = getline(1, "$") to getline(a:start, a:end). Now what? –  microo8 Feb 29 '12 at 16:22
@microo8: now select whole lines of JavaScript, and :call g:Jsbeautify(line("'<"),line("'>")). Make backups, I did not try that. –  Benoit Feb 29 '12 at 16:27
But how can I call tidy, then select the JS lines and then :call g:Jsbeautify(line("'<"),line("'>")) in one map command? –  microo8 Feb 29 '12 at 16:32
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So when nobody answers my question, I had to learn some vim scripting and I made it!

I have copied the ~/.vim/plugin/jsbeautify.vim to ~/.vim/plugin/jsbeautify_replace.vim and modify it. Here is a diff jsbeautify.vim jsbeautify_replace.vim:

< if &cp || exists("loaded_jsbeautify")
> if &cp || exists("loaded_jsbeautify_replace")
< let loaded_jsbeautify = 3
> let loaded_jsbeautify_replace = 3
< "function! g:Jsbeautify(js_source_text)
< function! g:Jsbeautify()
<   if !s:is_js()
<       echo "Not a JS file."
<       return
<   endif
> function! Jsbeautify_replace(js_source_text, indent)
<   let lines = getline(1, "$")
>   "let lines = getline(1, "$")
<   let s:input = join(lines, "\n")
<   "let s:input = a:js_source_text
>   "let s:input = join(lines, "\n")
>   let s:input = a:js_source_text
<   :g/.*/d
<   let @0 = ret
<   :put!0
< endfunction
>   let lines = split(ret, '\n')
>   let result = ""
< nnoremap <silent> <leader>ff :call g:Jsbeautify()<cr>
>   for line in lines
>       let result .= a:indent."  ".line."\n"
>   endfor
>   ":g/.*/d
>   "let @0 = ret
>   ":put!0
>   return a:indent."<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n".result.a:indent."</script>"
> endfunction

And have written some script in ~/.vim/plugin/tidy_jsbeautify.vim:

function! g:tidy_js()
    %!tidy -i -xml --char-encoding utf8 --wrap 0 --show-errors 0 2>/dev/null
    %s#\(\s*\)<script\_\s*type="text/[jJ]ava[sS]cript"\_\s*>\(\_.\{-1,}\)</script>#\= Jsbeautify_replace(submatch(2),submatch(1))#g

This calls tidy on my buffer and then on all script tag contents the jsbeautify + the indent of the script tag will be added. And then in ~/.vim/ftplugin/html.vim:

:map <buffer> <C-f> :call g:tidy_js()

And now is my whole html file nicely formated just with a shortcut CTRL+F ENTER :)

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