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I want to read an audio file with matlab coder. The problem is that wavread() is not supported, but as this is a pretty essential part of any audio coding I am thinking that there must be another way to achieve this? Any ideas?

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What is your use case? If you really just want to run the generated code in a MEX-function within MATLAB you can use coder.extrinsic to call wavread. This will not work outside of the MATLAB environment.

Outside the MATLAB environment, you will need to use custom C code integration.

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The WAV file format is fairly simple & widely documented for example here. You can use the low-level file IO functions, fopen(), fread(), fseek to read the file, assuming these are themselves available. This is exactly what wavread() does internally - take a look at the source.

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awesome answer, this is exactly how I would implement it! – macduff Feb 29 '12 at 17:49
Unfortunately fopen() is not available in Matlab Coder. Otherwise it would have been the easiest option.. There seems to be some sort of integration with c-code that is needed, which is something I would like to avoid if possible. – Michael Ward Mar 1 '12 at 12:01

fopen() is now supported starting from Matlab 2013a. See here.

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I wanted this to be a comment to the above answer but I was not able to do that. – student1 Jul 21 '13 at 7:16

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