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Is there a decent way to delay execution of mysql trigger?

WHILE @condition = 0
  sleep for awhile

insert into some_table values(NEW.value1, NEW.value2);
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Since MySQL 5.0.12, you can do this:

SELECT SLEEP(<seconds>);

The seconds parameter can be in a fraction of a second like .5.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot. –  Ragnar Jun 8 '09 at 14:56
If you don't want a result set, you can do DO SLEEP(n) instead. –  Ross Smith II Sep 25 '12 at 6:09
DO SLEEP(<seconds>);

is better. You cannot just run SELECT statements inside triggers. If you realy want to do this you need to do it like here:

SET @nothing = (SELECT SLEEP(<seconds>));

But I recommend to use DO. And don't forget that a trigger is just a single statement per default. If you have more then 1 statement in your trigger you need to use BEGIN/END:

    DO SLEEP(<seconds>);
    UPDATE ...;
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