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I need to create a form in cakephp so that I can insert content in multiple language at the same time.

For example, if I want to use eng and esp the form will be like:

Insert english title _____________
Insert spanish title _____________

I'm using i18n for the translated fields but the documentation doesn't say much, can anyone give me some advice?

Also, how can I know how many languages I'm using? Do I have to count the directories in app/locale?

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I keep an array in bootstrap.php for all the languages the site is supposed to support. As for inserting translations, if you pass something like:

$data = array('ModelName' => array(
  'field_name' => array(
    'eng' => 'This is my name',
    'deu' => 'Das ist mein name'

it will properly insert those in the i18n table.

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