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In my play1.2.4 app,I need to make sure that a customer's MembershipCard is valid at the moment of processing.Validity is determined by the expiry month and expiry year together.

If the MembershipCard is

class MembershipCard extends Model{

    public String memberShipNumber;

    public String expiryMonth;

    public String expiryYear;


In controller method which takes the user selected card details(from a dropdown list),I need to make sure that the card is valid.

The String values for ,say the month of January is '1'.For current year ,it will be '2012'.

How can I do the validation on these fields?Do I need to write a custom validator? or can I use the built in 'InFuture' validation ?(since that one is made for date comparisons)

Can someone please help?

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Use a custom validator, it seems a better option as the InFuture validation will require you to transform the Strings to Dates in the request.

EDIT on comment

There is a sample in the source code of Play, the EqualsCheck validator. Create your own version and apply it using @CheckWith annotation.

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can you give me a pointer as to how to deal with the two fields(month,year) in the custom validator?Most of the validators in framework code deal with only one field at a time(Minsize etc) –  Damon Julian Feb 29 '12 at 15:04
thanks a lot for that one! –  Damon Julian Feb 29 '12 at 15:26

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