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I would like to download a file directly into my working directory I can do this to a temp directory: download.file("",temp) but what do I have to replace temp with to get it to download to the working directory?

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The second argument of download.file() is destfile and it must be specified. I don't have a Windows machine to test this on, but both of these work on my linux box and I can't see why at least the second won't work on Windows too:

download.file("", "./")
download.file("", "")

The second of those indicates that if you just give a filename, the file will be download to the current working directory and saved under the stated name.

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That worked. Thank you very much for your help. – adam.888 Feb 29 '12 at 13:37

If your url is in a variable, you can use basename to get the "filename" part out of it:

u <- ""
basename(u) # ""

# downloads to current directory:
download.file(u, basename(u))

# downloads to subdirectory "foo":
download.file(u, file.path("foo", basename(u)))
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