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I need to build a parameter string and output it. It should look something like this: ?name=something&value=orother&type=xyz&....

I am using the simplexml_load_file() function to load an xml file. Then I use a foreach loop to build my string:

$parameterString = "?";
foreach($xml->app as $app) {
    $parameterString = $parameterString."name=".urlencode($app->name)."&icon=".urlencode($app->icon)."&type=".urlencode($app->type);


This is all fine so far as it goes except that if the string is to contain more than a single set of parameters, sets after the first do not begin with the "&" character. I cant simply go ."&" at the end of that line or I get an unwanted "&" at the end of my string.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Define a boolean variable which after the first set of parameters will be changed to true , use a simple if condition inside the loop that will check if($first) , else use &. –  Ofir Baruch Feb 29 '12 at 13:59
How do you handle multiple 'app' ?? since you always use the same variables names... –  soju Feb 29 '12 at 14:04

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PHP has a function called http_build_query which will turn an associative array (key-value pairs) into a parameter string. Perhaps using this will make things easier since you can just build an array with the parameters first, then transform it into a properly formatted and escaped output string.

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You should use http_build_query to build query string

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