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is there a way to delete files from the c:\users{username}\appdata\local folder? is there a predefined variable for this? Win 7 stores some information in there from my app and i would like to delete theses files upon uninstall.

I know there is a predefined $APPDATA variable but it goes to \roaming not \local

is there a predifeined variable for c:\users{username}\ ??

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This path and many others is defined in constants (look at the 4.2.3 section of the Chapter 4 of the manual).

I think you are looking for the $LOCALAPPDATA value that states it is "The local (nonroaming) application data directory".

Remember that you can choose between your account and all users folders resolution of the path constants with the SetShellVarContext command.

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thank you very much. –  mdarling Feb 29 '12 at 17:25

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