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As on overview I have a Flask app which serves as the main website and a Tornado app that serves as the chat server for the website, each running independent on a separate port.

The chat app directly reads the session information from flask,


The problem that I am having is that if I access the chat server through the browser the session will read but using an Ajax call the session does not.

The chat server provides the Access-Control-Allow-Domain header to allow for the Cross-Domain call.

The ajax is very simple,

$.getJSON('', {'message': 'test'}, function(){});

The cookies domain is simply set to and is not an HTTP only cookie.

Is there any particular reason I can access the cookie in my browser at and not the Ajax request?

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From my research it appears that cross-domain ajax calls DO NOT send cookie information in the request headers, using the above library allowed for a workaround.

Note this is similar to

Cookie Access over JSONP

In addition JSONP responses MUST be sent wrapped in the provided callback GET parameter, otherwise an error with be thrown.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :



        'data': '1',
        'result': true 
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