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I have two SimpleXML objects. How can I add one object as a child element of the other object.

Please note, that this cannot be done with the addChild method, since it would convert the given value to a string before adding.

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I found that SimpleXML and DOM can be use in parallel on the same data. I had to read through a whole lot of manual pages. After all I found this solution:

$dom_doc = dom_import_simplexml($node1)->ownerDocument;
$dom_node2 = dom_import_simplexml(new SimpleXMLElement($node_str));
$node2 = $dom_doc->importNode($dom_node2, TRUE);
$node_parent = $dom_doc->getElementsByTagName('Name-of-adding-point');

What is interesting, that SimpleXML and DOM can be used in parallel on the same data. There's no need to convert forward and bachward all the time. Read for more details about this.

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