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In my application I have the option for a user to upload an image for a profile picture through paperclip.

Want I want to do in the index.html.erb page is to display all users with their display pictures, and if they have not uploaded one then it should display a default picture.

Now I have tried coding it in but at the moment the users who have pictures have the displayed but those who don't get nothing.

I have the following code in my user model:

def user_photo
  (photo.url.present?) ? photo.url : '/images/guest.png'

and the following code in my index.html.erb

<% for user in @users %>
  <%= image_tag user.user_photo, :height => 50, :width => 50 %>
 <% end %>

Any ideas on what my problem might be?


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What's the generated HTML like in the case of the guest? What does img src say? what happens if you point your browser to that URL? Have you tried accessing guest.png manually? –  Amadan Feb 29 '12 at 15:29
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Have something like this in your user model:

has_attached_file :photo, 
    :default_url => '/images/guest.jpeg',
    :styles => { 
      :large => "300x300>",
      :thumb => "100x100>",
      :tiny  => "32x32>"

The :default_url option is used if there is no attached file for a model. If a user doesn’t have any uploaded photo you could use this option to set a default photo to show.

In the view:

<%= image_tag @user.photo.url(:thumb) %>

Read Paperclip usage guide

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Since this is view logic, I would put it in a helper instead of in the model. So in a relevant helper:

def user_photo(user)
  user.photo.url.present? ? image_tag user.user_photo : image_tag 'guest.png'

Then call that helper from the view. Of course you can add other parameters to image_tag for the dimensions and so on. This way you get the benefit of using the image_tag helpers consistently.

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