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I created a textbox and a submit button in header(User Control) included in a master page

and I want to use that textbox value after clicking submit in my .aspx.vb page.

How can i access that, as the vb page is loaded first and then master page is loading ?

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TextBox Val = (TextBox)this.Master.FindControl("TextBoxID");

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  • The best way to communicate from UserControl to Page/MasterPage is using events
  • The best way to communicate from MasterPage to Page is using events

On this way you don't hardlink UserControls with their Pages/MasterPages and the Page with it's Master.

Add an event to your UserControl that is raised when the user clicks the button, for example:

In UserControl of type MyControl:

public delegate void SubmittedHandler(MyControl ctrl);
public event SubmittedHandler Submitted;

protected void BtnCLick(object sender, EventArgs e) {

Then add an handler to this event in your MasterPage, handle it and raise the Master's event again:

In Master's codebehind:

public delegate void MyControlSubmittedHandler(MyControl ctrl);
public event MyControlSubmittedHandler ControlSubmitted;

protected void Page_Init(Object sender, EventArgs e) {
    this.MyControl1.Submitted += MyControlSubmitted;

protected void MyControlSubmitted(MyControl sender) {

Then add an handler to this event to your page:

In your Page:

protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    ((SiteMaster)Master).ControlSubmitted += MasterControlSubmitted;

protected void MasterControlSubmitted(MyControl sender){
    // do whatever you need to do

If you only need to access the TextBox from the page and you don't need to handle the click-event, you could also use properties to achieve this:

  • add a public property f.e. MyControlText in your UserControl that get/set the TextBox.Text property
  • add a public property f.e. MyControlText in your Master that get/set your UserControl's MyControlText property
  • Now you can get/set this property from your page in this way: ((SiteMaster)Master).MyControlText = "Hello World";
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