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I have a tooltip on an anchor element, that sends an AJAX request on click. This element has a tooltip (from Twitter Bootstrap). I want the tooltip content to change when the AJAX request returns successfully. How can I manipulate the tooltip after initiation?

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Just found this today whilst reading the source code. So $.tooltip(string) calls any function within the Tooltip class. And if you look at Tooltip.fixTitle, it fetches the data-original-title attribute and replaces the title value with it.

So we simply do:

          .attr('data-original-title', newValue)

and sure enough, it updates the title, which is the value inside the tooltip.

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Thanks! This had be baffled for an hour. –  twig Mar 27 '12 at 1:24
Or even shorter (smoother) $(element).attr('title', 'NEW_TITLE').tooltip('fixTitle').tooltip('show'); –  lukmdo Apr 18 '12 at 23:54
You can also change the title through the data('tooltip').options property, see stackoverflow.com/questions/10181847/… –  James McMahon Apr 21 '13 at 1:24
scroll down (or stackoverflow.com/a/20713610/1350306) to change text without closing/reopening the toolip. –  ndreckshage Dec 20 '13 at 23:38
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This works if the tooltip has been instantiated (possibly with javascript):

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With bootstrap 3, it becomes $('#tooltip_id').data('bs.tooltip').options.title = 'New_value!'; –  ajbeaven Oct 11 '13 at 19:16
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The following worked the best for me, basically I'm scrapping any existing tooltip and not bothering to show the new tooltip. If calling show on the tooltip like in other answers, it pops up even if the cursor isn't hovering above it.

The reason I went for this solution is that the other solutions, re-using the existing tooltip, led to some strange issues with the tooltip sometimes not showing when hovering the cursor above the element.

function updateTooltip(element, tooltip) {
    if (element.data('tooltip') != null) {
        title: tooltip
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Best Answer to this.Question. –  Daniel Miliński Jun 16 '13 at 10:11
@DanielMiliński Thanks :) –  aknuds1 Jun 16 '13 at 12:51
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heres a nice solution if you want to change the text without closing and reopening the tooltip.

$(element).attr('title', newTitle)

this way, text replaced without closing tooltip (doesnt reposition, but if you are doing a one word change etc it should be fine). and when you hover off + back on tooltip, it is still updated.

**this is bootstrap 3, for 2 you probably have to change data/class names

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I think Mehmet Duran is almost right, but there were some problems when using multiple classes with the same tooltip and their placement. The following code also avoids js errors checking if there is any class called "tooltip_class". Hope this helps.

if (jQuery(".tooltip_class")[0]){    

            .attr('title', 'New Title.')
            .attr('data-placement', 'right')

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Change the text by altering the text in the element directly. (does not update the tooltip position).

$('.tooltip-inner', $element.next()).html(newHtml);
$('.tooltip-inner', $element.next()).text(newText);

Change the text by destroying the old tooltip, then creating and showing a new one. (Causes the old one to fade out and the new one to fade in)

    // Repeat previous options.
    title: newText,

I'm using the top method to both animate the "Saving." message (using &nbsp so the tooltip does not change in size) and to change the text to "Done." (plus padding) when the request completes.

  placement: 'left',
  title: 'Saving...',
  trigger: 'manual',

var parent = $element.parent();
var interval_id = setInterval(function(){
    var text = $('.tooltip-inner', parent).html();
    switch(text) {
    case 'Saving.  ': text = 'Saving.. '; break;
    case 'Saving.. ': text = 'Saving...'; break;
    case 'Saving...': text = 'Saving.  '; break;
    $('.tooltip-inner', parent).html(text);
}, 250);

send_request( function(){
    // When the request is complete
    $('.tooltip-inner', parent).html('Done.    ');
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 1500 /* Show "Done." for a bit */);
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You can set content on tooltip call with a function

            "title": function() {
                return "<h2>"+$("#tooltipcontainer").html()+"</h2>";

You don't have to use only the title of the called element.

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