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What I want is to be able to put the wall content of my facebook page in my website. I want to include the posts and comments of others and mines.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Activity feed:

Here is what the FB docs say :


Where can I get a list of all possible actions? Can I specify that I want posts and comments?

  1. OpenGraph:

I was able to get an access token yesterday, that is not valid anymore. I was able to see a json object of the wall content. What is the best way to have this permanently?

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Activity feed social plugin is using OpenGraph actions in action field so the complete list is simply not available due to possibility to create custom actions for every application, there is several Built-in Action Types:

  • Watch - Video, Movie, TV Show, or TV Episode
  • Read - Article

Currently specifying like also works but it's not documented. Aside of those pre-defined actions you may Define Actions. Neither posts or comments is listed as supported actions in documentation.

Access tokens are expired and need to be extended if you need longer life-time of a token. Also you may use application access_token to access public posts from your page (without need to get the token from user)...

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Hi, I created an app and got my app id and secret. and was able to get an access token by typing this: graph.facebook.com/oauth/…. I have a doubt regarding client_credentials if typing it as it is or typing my credentials is the right thing to do. For now the json returned does not contain posts and comments of other poeple it shows just mines. Here is the url I am typing to get the json: graph.facebook.com/myfbid/…. Any suggestions? –  Adam Tong Feb 29 '12 at 16:45

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