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We have a side menu in place that is based off the code found here on google docs.

We have it in place and its working nicely, what I'm wanting to do is enable a current/active state so when they select a menu item it remains the slightly darker color.

I've been research current active states on stackoverflow and I don't see anything that could assist me

IF someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

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There are many ways to implement your requested functionality. You could:

  • attach a javascript function to the click event of your navigation links that toggles active state (suitable if you're navigating through named anchors on the current page)
  • determine the current page on the server side (with PHP for example) and set an active css class to the current navigation link
  • use css and markup as in the article that alpaca lips nao mentions

If you describe your situation in more detail I'm sure we could guide to an appropriate solution.

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