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I use granite ds in my java server , but , when 100 user they're connected to flex application , granite return this error "Could not get channel id for message: flex.messaging.messages.RemotingMessage" Thank for the help.

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There's a hundred reasons why this could happen. You're not helping yourself by not helping us. Can you show code? How about some actual information? Voting to close. –  J_A_X Mar 1 '12 at 18:21

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This is not an error but just a warning issued by the AMF3Serializer class. It can happen, for example, when the server is sending data without explicitly using a declared channel.

You can safely ignore this warning: channel identification is only used in order to handle legacy (ie: old-fashion) serialization options (legacyCollection / legacyXMLDocument), see Adobe documentation about them here (the "Configuring AMF serialization on a channel" section).

It is very unlikely that you need to use these very specific serialization options. So, again, just ignore or disable this warning.

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