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I am a google app engine newbie. I have an encoding issue with a wicket application in GAE. (see http://ristorante-lastoria.appspot.com/wicket/home )

My IDE is configured to save the HTML template files in UTF-8.

I ve printed out the default file.encoding used by GAE JVM and it's ASCII. I 've tried to set the following parameters in the appengine-web.xml.

<property name="file.encoding" value="UTF-8" />
<env-var name="DEFAULT_ENCODING" value="UTF-8" />
<env-var name="APP_ENCODING" value="UTF-8" />

I ve tried to set the flag --compile-encoding=UTF-8 when uploading the war content to the server.

At the build level(using maven), I tried to escape the unicode characters in the build using the native2ascii tool. No luck so far :-(

Wicket version: 1.4.17


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Add a xml declaration wirh encoding to all your templates:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
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Thx a lot, Sven, that fixed the issue. I've also configured my Application subclass to strip the xml declaration. code getMarkupSettings().setStripXmlDeclarationFromOutput(true); –  guidolx Mar 1 '12 at 10:10

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