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I am having problems validating a form component when i have added both NotBlank and Type validation to an integer field.

My validation.yml looks like the following:

        - NotBlank: 
              message: You must specify a bar
        - Type:
             type: integer
             message: bar must be an integer

My FormType file looks like the following:

$builder->add('bar', 'integer', array(
            'label' => bar', 
            'error_bubbling' => true

When I type 'abc' into the field and submit, validate the form and getErrors(), the errors reported are -

This value is not valid.
You must specify a bar.

any ideas whats going wrong? I'm running Symfony 2.0.10

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I am not sure but maybe this helps:

$builder->add('bar', 'integer', array(
        'label' => bar',
        'invalid_message' => 'bar must be an integer'
        'error_bubbling' => true

Check this out

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This kind of got me one step further, however i now see both 'bar must be an integer' and 'You must specify a bar', also, I dont see why I'd need to add an invalid message to the form component aswell as validation (basically duplicating code)?! –  Matt Feb 29 '12 at 16:26
I don't know either. Maybe you can put empty invalid message to the form component such as 'invalid_message' => ' ' –  Ferhad Feb 29 '12 at 16:30

Your problem may be related to this issue. From the discussion of the issue it seems that the solution of the problem is replacing line 40 of the DelegatingValidator.php with this code

    if ($form->isRoot() && $form->isSynchronized()) {

I haven't tested it though. You can try and tell about the result :).

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I've added this line as suggested and this doesnt seem to help, i still have the same problems :-( –  Matt Mar 1 '12 at 9:41
Well I have tested it. Doesn't work indeed. Validation is done at this line for top most form root which is synchronized. On second thought I think you don't have to set the field type as integer. As you have already added integer type validation constraint. –  m2mdas Mar 1 '12 at 16:44

I had the same problem. In the end, I used a normal 'text' field, and made my own 'Integer' validator which uses regular expression.

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