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Assuming I have an HTML table with these info (writing as text but it's html behind):

lastname: MyName
firstname: MyFirstName
tel: 04 50 12 34 56
email :

In html I wrote the tel field like that :

<a href="tel:+33450123456">04 50 12 34 56</a>

When i'm on iOS, if I click on the anchor it asks me if I want to call or create contact. I want then to create a contact with all my informations already filled. Any idea? Only with HTML or JS or JQM please

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It's not like vCard, i want it to be pure web based. – TecHunter Feb 29 '12 at 23:57
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I'm pretty sure this isn't possible. iOS has a bunch of url schemes included in Safari that you can take advantage of, but adding a complete new contact isn't one of them.

More information on the available schemes here:

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"bunch" is not enough. I already use tel anchor but the thing I want is to tag elements like for a username/password in a form or an address form in chrome. I want Safari to get the name, lastname and such automatically from my form if you prefer – TecHunter Feb 29 '12 at 23:59
And my answer is that it's not possible, unless - like user1132647 above is assuming - you are using PhoneGap. I was simply linking you to a page that explained about URI schemes and listed the ones that were possible to show you that what you want to do isn't possible. – will Mar 1 '12 at 10:13

You can use PhoneGap's Contact API. There is a save method method that you can call.

Just bind an click handler to the anchor tag and put the code to invoke the PhoneGap API in the handler.

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