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We're looking to set up a user in our Vertica database that can see certain system tables, (projections, projection_storage and views), but we don't want this user to be a dbadmin, because we don't want them to have write privileges on these tables. I've tried using GRANT statements to give a regular user access to these tables, but that doesn't seem to work. Each user can only see their own own records in those tables. Is there a way to set up a user as I describe, or do we need to have this user be a dbadmin?

Our use case is that we need a user that can get a list of the schemas that exist in our database and iterate through each schema, gathering information to store in one central location. If our user is granted usage on the individual schemas, then they can get a list of those schemas, but they aren't able to access the necessary records in the projection_storage and views tables.

Thank you!

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Normally, I just give a user USAGE on a schema. And then "GRANT SELECT on to ;"

Do they have INSERT permissions on those tables?

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I don't want them to have INSERT permissions on the tables, just SELECT. And it looks like granting usage on a schema, then granting select on particular tables does provide me access to certain parts of the metadata, (i.e. I can see that the schema exists and that it contains the tables I'm checking for), but it doesn't allow access to other pieces of metadata, such as the projection_storage table. –  BVH Mar 1 '12 at 20:26

Just for the sake of maintaince you should create database roles !! and then give acces to those roles to your users . Other-wise the maintainance will be hell to you !!

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I totally agree that setting up a role, rather than a user, will make maintenance easier. However, my question still applies at the role level: how do I set up a role such that it will have the access I described in my initial question? –  BVH May 30 '13 at 14:09

Granting select access to the role on the table , does not grant complete access to metadata tables like projection_storage . This seems to be a bug. In order to get complete access select needs to be granted to individual user id.

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