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It looks like Paperclip generates a fingerprint for an attachment only when the original style is changed. I want to keep the original style unchanged but crop one of my other styles (let's call it "listing"). Is there a way to force Paperclip to regenerate a fingerprint if the "listing" style is cropped but the "original" style is not?

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I am looking for the same solution. Why exactly do you want to re-generated the fingerprint ? –  Abid Jun 24 '12 at 19:51

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I found generate_fingerprint no longer works with the latest Paperclip (4.1.1) but the refresh rake task does: e.g. rake paperclip:refresh CLASS=Dog.

In my case, I wanted the fingerprint to be created automatically when I ran the the migration that added the fingerprint, so I dug into the code and found you can call reprocess! on the attachment and that'll also do the trick.

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I recently added an image_fingerprint column to an existing model that has Paperclip images attached.

I forced Paperclip to generate fingerprints for the existing images with the generate_fingerprint method on Paperclip::Attachment:

class Dog
  has_attached_file :image      

Dog.all.each do |dog|
  dog.image_fingerprint = dog.image.generate_fingerprint(dog.image)
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