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In a form(File.aspx) i am generating another popup window (Lookup.aspx including a DataGrid). From that datagrid i can fill the textbox in File.aspx using javascript.It works in InternetExplorer7 & InternetExplorer8 .But in Morzilla the popup & datagrid is appearing,but i can't select from datagrid .

In same manner a calendar image onclick="displaycalendar(... );" i can select datetime to a textbox,it works in IE6 and IE7 but doent works in IE8 Morzilla.Please help me..

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How are you accessing the textbox in Javascript? Mozilla expects document.getElementById() - IE lets you get way with accessing the textbox name alone. document.getElementById will work in both browsers.

BTW - are you getting any errors in Mozilla? Check in Tools -> Error Console.

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