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I'm trying to post some data over an api with restsharp, the thign is that api only accepts an xml with the following structure:


I have a class on my project which everytime I try to post I create a new objetc from it, and the populate all the properties a add it to the restsharp request using request.AddObject(), the class looks like this:

public class MyRootElement
    public string firstchild { get; set; }
    public string secondchild { get; set; }

But there is a problem everytime restsharp tries to serialize the content of the object, since the elements of the xml that the api receives are using dashes. Is there a way of telling restsharp, that the properties on my object need to be dashed? so the api does not refuse my request.

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Write an ISerializer implementation that does what you want (probably working with .NET's XmlSerializer), and register it with RestClient.XmlSerializer = new YourSerializer();

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