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I'm stuck on (what I think is) a simple views issue.

I have a view with a page display, with a path of: /mydir/%/%

Some URLs I would hit are: /mydir/pc/2008/ /mydir/xbox/2007/ /mydir/pc/

%1 and %2 are different CCK fields. When I specify the path with both arguments: /mydir/pc/2008/ it works great. But the one argument paths: /mydir/pc/ /mydir/xbox aren't working at all. I get a 404 page not found (and I did not select the 404 option in my view).

The breadcrumb links on this page: /mydir/pc/2008/ link to /mydir/pc/* which just outputs a * to the screen. Sometimes I've been able to configure it to output all the right stuff with /mydir/pc/* but I don't want the * there, I just want /mydir/pc/

I tweaked all of the argument settings for each argument in every way possible I can imagine, and I can't get my desired behavior, which is that this URL: /mydir/pc/ just ignores or uses any match for the second argument and matches the first.

Also odd: The preview tool in the view works correctly, if I pass in just pc/ in the arguments box. The URL that is outputted in the views preview ouput is also correct: /mydir/pc/. But if I click on that (after saving), I still get the 404.

What am I doing wrong?

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I figured this out. My path setting for the page display on the view was: apocalypse/%/% but should have been apocalypse/%

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