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Folks I work with have large volumes of email in the Enterprise Vault and would like some way to restore them. I build a VBA script to walk a folder structure and it can identify messages in the Enterprise Vault, but I am struggling with the API to actually restore the email.

I can create the EV object, but am unsure how to get the archiveid and saveid (and whatever other parameters are needed) and what the API call is. I have looked into the CDO.dll to try and look at the extended MAPI header, but at this point I am wondering if anyone has done this and has some sample code they can share.

Dim ContentManagementAPI
Set ContentManagementAPI = CreateObject("EnterpriseVault.ContentManagementAPI")

For Each item In BaseFolder.Items
  If isInEnterpriseVault(item.MessageClass) Then

    Dim vaultItem
    Set vaultItem = ContentManagementAPI.item


    vaultItem.Get (3)
  End If
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You might get places with a watch and symantec.com/connect/blogs/extract-item-ecm –  Fionnuala Feb 29 '12 at 19:35

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