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I have a model say Issue(ActiveRecord) it has some fields viz. priority_id, status

:status, :class_name => 'IssueStatus', :foreign_key => 'status_id'

is there a way to know at run time- a field belongs to what model?

in above example, how to know the symbol associated with :foreign_key => 'status_id'

for instance, i want to get :status and i have 'status_id' at run time

comments please.


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You can always use issue.status.class to show the class of the status field (where issue is an object of the Issue model), Note that this is not specific to ActiveRecord, you can call the class method on any object to find it's class/type.

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thnx for response, but at run time i have status_id not status. and yes class is for any object. –  hitesh israni Feb 29 '12 at 18:20

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