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Trying to extend the boundary of the usage of type provider, I figured I could use :

//Does not work
let exceldatatype = MyExcelTypeProvider.ExcelFile<filename="Brokernet.xls">
let file = new exceldatatype()
let f1(elem:exceldatatype .Row) = 

this works though :

let file= MyExcelTypeProvider.ExcelFile<filename="Brokernet.xls">()
let f1(elem:MyExcelTypeProvider.ExcelFile<filename="Brokernet.xls">.Row) = 

This does not work either :

//Does not work
let typealias = MyExcelTypeProvider.ExcelFile<filename="Brokernet.xls">.Row

I guess there is some deep lesson to be found there about runtime and compile time properties, but I am not sure what.


As specified by the ever helpful kvb, the following works :

type typealias = MyExcelTypeProvider.ExcelFile<filename="Brokernet.xls">
let file2 = new typealias()
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In your first line, try type ... = ... instead of let ... = ....

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indeed it works. thanks – nicolas Mar 1 '12 at 14:14

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