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I'm super new at all of this so please excuse my lack of technical elegance and all around idiocy.

dir c:\Users\me\desktop\Test\*.txt | %{ $sourceFile = $_; get-content $_} | Out-File "$sourceFile.results"

How can I modify this command line so that instead of one file with the contents of all the text files I have a one to one ratio so that each output files represents the contents of each text file?

I realize that this object is ridiculous in terms of application but I'm conceptually trying to piece this together bit by bit so I can really understand.

P.S. What's with the %? Haha another ridiculous question, doesn't seem worth a separate post, what does it do?

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Many of us lack technical elegance and are all-around idiots. But we love this stuff and we try hard to help each other out here. – DOK Feb 29 '12 at 18:34
The % is an alias for the ForEach-Object cmdlet which has another alias foreach (this is different than the foreach keyword). – Rynant Feb 29 '12 at 18:52
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dir | % { Out-File -FilePath "new_$($_.Name)" -InputObject (gc $_.FullName) }

only one pipeline needed. this command appends "new_" to the filename because I was using the same directory to write to. You can remove this if it's not needed.

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