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I have just added a Like/Send button combo to my website. The Like button works. However the Send button displays the following error:

We encountered the following error when sending your message:

Requires a public email address: To send to an email address, first set up your 
own <a href="/messages/?setup" 
target="_blank"> email address</a>.

This has been reported before and the response last November was:

The behaviour here is correct, but the error message is not being displayed correctly, this bug will remain open until the error message is fixed.

[ The error message still has not been fixed to display as a link the to email address and, as was pointed out before, the message is so brief that it is almost impossible to react to. ( about 2 seconds ) ]

So this means that anyone that does not have a facebook email address can not send a message. Fine, the button does not display unless they are logged into facebook, but this leads to an other issue.

If someone wants to set up a facebook email address, how do they do that?

If I go to Settings=> Gen => Email=> Edit => Facebook Email Active Facebook Email; I get redirected to my Wall.

If I go to and click "Go to Messages" I end up at my Wall.

( In fact I find myself at the Wall a lot. While researching the social plugin possibilities I wanted to get a app id, but any link such as "developer" or "developers community" => Apps: sent me to my Wall. )

I can not find any way for anybody to set up email.

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Do you have a validated account (using phone/txt message)? – DMCS Mar 1 '12 at 23:36
No. How is that relevant? – user1240799 Mar 2 '12 at 3:33
It is relevant, or how else will Facebook assign you a facebook email address? It's one of the requirements for them assigning you one. – DMCS Mar 2 '12 at 16:26

Looks like this is a bug as reported on the Facebook Dev Site:

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