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I wanted to copy all the files that are within a directory to a subdirectory of another directory, but my problem is when I put the command cp -R *. C src / object / actor / source / terminal gives me cp:Accessing src / object / actor / source / ': Not a directory`

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Can you post the exact command you are using or is the command you typed (spaces and all) the exact thing? –  FGhilardi Feb 29 '12 at 18:50
You have a lot of spaces in that command line. Are you actually typing in spaces between all the words and the slashes? That could be your problem. Can you also include the output of the command "ls -al src/object/actor/source" ? –  dj_segfault Feb 29 '12 at 18:54
I guess his command was cp -R *.C src/object/actor/source/, which will output cp: target 'src/object/actor/source/' is not a directory –  kamae Feb 29 '12 at 18:54

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If destination does not exists, cp will be failed. You should make your destination:

mkdir -p src/object/actor/source/
cp * src/object/actor/source/
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On Linux/Mac OS X:

cp -av source/* destination

On windows, use xcopy:

XCOPY C:\source\* D:\Backup\source /s /i 


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what is your working directory when you punch in this command?

does it contain the destination directory tree ./src/object/actor/source

if you have the following structure cp -r *.c /src/object/actor/source should work

                  -- actor


This is of course predicated on the fact that you are executing the command from . otherwise you need to specify the fully qualified path to the destination /home/you/src/object/actor/source. This is again predicated on the fact that /home/you/src/object/actor/source actually exists. If it doesn't then you need to mkdir to create the directory.

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