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In my Rails app, I set up my users table to have a string for :email and :hashed_password. However I want to provide the option to reset the password. Following Railscast 274, I have everything set up, but the actual password isn't changing to what I reset it as. I thought maybe I'd have to change :password to :hashed_password in my User model where I handle validations but :password works elsewhere so I ruled it out. Can someone help me figure this out?

Here's my User model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessor :password
  attr_accessible :email, :password, :password_confirmation    

  before_save :encrypt_new_password
  before_create { generate_token(:auth_token) }
  before_validation :downcase_email

  has_one :profile, :dependent => :destroy

  accepts_nested_attributes_for :profile

  validates :email, :uniqueness => true,
                :length => { :within => 5..50 },
                :format => { :with => /^[^@][\w.-]+@[\w.-]+[.][a-z]{2,4}$/i }
  validates :password, :confirmation => true,
                   :length => { :within => 4..20 },
                   :presence => true,
                   :if => :password_required?

  def self.authenticate(email, password)
    user = find_by_email(email)
    return user if user && user.authenticated?(password)

  def authenticated?(password)
    self.hashed_password == encrypt(password)

  def send_password_reset
    self.password_reset_sent_at = Time.zone.now

  def generate_token(column)
      self[column] = SecureRandom.hex
    end while User.exists?(column => self[column])

My password_resets_controller:

class PasswordResetsController < ApplicationController
  layout "password_reset"

  def new

  def create
    user = User.find_by_email(params[:email])
    if user
      redirect_to new_password_reset_path, :notice => "Check your email for password reset instructions."
      redirect_to new_password_reset_path, :notice => "Sorry, we couldn't find that email. Please try again."


  def edit
    @user = User.find_by_password_reset_token!(params[:id])
    session[:user_id] = @user.id

  def update
    @user = User.find_by_password_reset_token!(params[:id])
    if @user.password_reset_sent_at < 2.hours.ago
      redirect_to new_password_reset_path, :alert => "Your password reset link has expired."
    elsif @user.update_attributes(params[:user])
      redirect_to profile_path(@user), :notice => "Great news: Your password has been reset."
      render :edit

My password_reset form code:

<%= form_for @user, :url => password_reset_path(params[:id]) do |f| %>
  <% if @user.errors.any? %>
  <div id="error_messages">
    <% for message in @user.errors.full_messages %>
    <li class="error"><%= message %></li>
    <% end %>
  <% end %>

  <p class="label"><label for="password">New Password:</label></p>
  <p><%= password_field_tag :password, nil, :autofocus => true, :autocomplete => 'off', :placeholder => 'Enter a new password' %></p>
  <p class="label"><label for="password_confirmation">Confirm Password:</label></p>
  <p><%= password_field_tag :password_confirmation, nil, :autofocus => false, :autocomplete => 'off', :placeholder => 'Reenter your new password' %></p>

  <%= submit_tag 'Update Password', :class => 'button orange' %>

<% end %>

My users_controller update action:

def update
  @user = current_user
  if @user.update_attributes(params[:user])
    redirect_to settings_path, :notice => 'Updated user information successfully.'
    render :action => 'edit'

My server message when I update my password:

Started POST "/password_resets/56be9c1168637d64eaa42b2551ef9b6c" for at Thu Mar 08 19:36:03 -0500 2012
  Processing by PasswordResetsController#update as HTML
  Parameters: {"commit"=>"Update Password", "password_confirmation"=>"[FILTERED]", "authenticity_token"=>"N8v69nP9NbaGVGdYwmv6EF8uIp4/Vqld/y+Q2K40CMQ=", "utf8"=>"\342\234\223", "id"=>"56be9c1168637d64eaa42b2551ef9b6c", "password"=>"[FILTERED]"}
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It looks like because you're using password_field_tag, the parameters are ignored when the user model is updated. Try using f.password_field instead so that the password params are nested in params[:user].

Alternatively, you could also call if @user.update_attributes(:password => params[:password], :password_confirmation => params[:password_confirmation]) in the PasswordResetsController.

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That did it. You have no idea how long I've been trying to figure that out. Is there anywhere I can read more about the password_field_tag and params? –  tvalent2 Mar 9 '12 at 23:31
Awesome! Glad that helped. Here's links to the api docs for password_field –  onemanarmy Mar 10 '12 at 0:03
Thanks. I have no idea why but the docs are so confusing to me most of the time. They just don't seem to be written for beginners. Now if only I could figure out why JS doesn't work with a mobile MIME type! –  tvalent2 Mar 10 '12 at 0:07
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Don't forget to change submit_tag to f.submit

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