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I am working with Notepad++ and I would like to find the new line (after the hyphen, optional space and some characters in the end line). I have came up with something like this :

  • -[ ]?.*\n

I have also tried :

  • -[ ]?.*(\n)
  • -[ ]?.*(\r\n)
  • -[ ]?.*[\r\n]
  • -[ ]?.*[\n]

None of these worked. I am working on Windows if it matters.

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Have you tried $ for the end of line? – Wrikken Feb 29 '12 at 19:09
Have you turned on the 'extended/regular expression' search mode? – Chimoo Feb 29 '12 at 19:09
@Chimoo Yes I did. That's why it worked for me for e.g. -[ ].* – Patryk Feb 29 '12 at 19:11
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Do you actually need to match the line break? If not, you can simply use $ which is the anchor for end of a line.

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Omg. I forgot that I can use $. Thanks a lot :). I need this for finding untranslated words in my words list ;) – Patryk Feb 29 '12 at 19:12
Years later, this saved me a ton of time and frustration! I'm working in a pipe separated value format, and I needed to modify a file to have pipes "|" at the end of each line. Find "$" and replace with "|" while in regex mode worked perfectly. – BluDragn Jan 14 at 20:35
Note that in Notepad++, there is a checkbox titled ". matches newline" in the Find and Replace dialog window. If that box is not checked, any ".*" match will terminate upon reaching a linebreak. – Oran D. Lord Feb 16 at 18:34
This isn't under the Replace tab like I expected, but it is under the Find in Files tab. Thanks! – Scott Mar 18 at 20:31

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