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I have an rspec test that was written for an email being sent. it contains a dynamic field that's filled in with the org name of the user in the application. I changed the text from one name to the other and update the spec file to reflect the difference but now it won't pass. Here's the test

require "spec_helper"

describe OrgMemberMailer do

context "when an invite email gets sent" do
before(:each) do
  member = Factory(:organization_membership)
  @email = OrgMemberMailer.invite(member, 'samsdungeonsanddragonsguild.com').deliver
it "should be delivered successfully" do
  ActionMailer::Base.deliveries.should_not be_empty
  @email.from.should == ["invite@domain.com"]
  @email.subject.should == "SocialNetwork - invitation to join <ORG>"
  @email.encoded.should =~ /You have been invited to join <ORG> on SocialNetwork/
  @email.encoded.should =~ /samsdungeonsanddragonsguild.com\/organization\/accept/



'SocialNetwork' is static text but is replaced by data both in the mailer.rb and hard coded into the rspec file. I've just used as a placeholder above.

When I run the test, I get:

OrgMemberMailer when an invite email gets sent should be delivered successfully
     Failure/Error: @email.subject.should == "SocialNetwork - invitation to join <ORG>"
       expected: "SocialNetwork - invitation to join <ORG>"
            got: "SocialNetwork - invitation to join <ORG>" (using ==)
 # ./spec/org_member_mailer_spec.rb:13:in `block (3 levels) in <top (required)>'

To me, everything looks fine. I see no reason why it shouldn't pass.

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Seems there was a lower case letter hiding in the <ORG> specified. Then the line: @email.encoded.should =~ /You have been invited to join <ORG> on SocialNetwork/ had to be changed to: @email.encoded.match(/You have been invited to join <ORG> on SocialNetwork/).should_not be_nil Now it all passes! YAY!! –  skipZero Feb 29 '12 at 20:19

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try should eql instead should ==

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