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Is there a way to have the field to be validated in red when the input is considered as invalid.

I don't want to use the Html.ValidationMessageFor, because I don't wan't to have a message with it(it's only for "required" fields).

Thanks you for the help

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It's already built into MVC (there are CSS classes for it).

Change the field-validation-error in site.css to include display:none.

input-validation-error controls how the text boxes look like.

That will only show red borders for invalid fields.

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Shame on me :(. Designer gaves me a css without this class, and I didn't checked it was present, so everything was working, but I wasn't having the correct css :/. It also seems I don't need to add the Html.ValidationMessageFor to get this css. –  J4N Mar 1 '12 at 7:01

If you use jquery, you can do something like

$('input#myField').on('blur', function(){ //or keyup/keydown/keypress
  var myVal = $(this).val();
  bool isValid = isMyFieldValid(myVal);
  if (!isValid) {
    return false;
  return true;

edit: just noticed you wanted a class added or not

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