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I have a secondary phone number that is not always filled out but must still appear on a report. I'm trying to make a simple formula that tests if the string is null and if not add formatting to a phone number.

I can add formatting to the phone number by using:

picture ({table1.PhoneNumber},"(xxx)xxx-xxxx")

And I know there is an "IsNull" operator but I can't really figure out the syntax to put the two statements together.

I need to do this:

If the phone number is not null then apply formatting, If it is null then make the string = "N/A"

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if isnull({table1.PhoneNumber}) then
 picture ({table1.PhoneNumber},"(xxx)xxx-xxxx")
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Great Thanks, That seems easy enough! –  MDL Feb 29 '12 at 21:53

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