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Can someone please point me towards documentation on handling content on different screen sizes with ICS? I want to display more or less on the screen dependent upon the device, for example a phone versus tablet versus tv.

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Why did you down vote me? I understand how to utilize Android docs, but am having difficulty finding relations to ICS specific docs. it advisable to build one app that handles all devices? – taraloca Feb 29 '12 at 19:59
i up voted you :) negative votes suck. – Marty Miller Feb 29 '12 at 20:14
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The starting point in the docs for the answer is the topic Designing for Multiple Screens. Take a look particularly at Implementing Adaptive UI Flows. There are also relevant Best Practices topics: Supporting Tablets and Handsets and Supporting Multiple Screens.

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You'll want to use layout qualifiers if you want to display a different layout depending on the screen size. Look at this page for reference:

Essentially, create a layout-xlarge folder in your res directory and create a layout file with the same name you use in the layout directory. What this will do is check to see what kind of device is running, and if it's considered xlarge (10" tablet, tv) it will look in that folder first for its layout resource. If it doesn't qualify under a specific folder you have made (for instance, a normal size phone), it will default to the layout folder.

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