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I'm coding a jquery plugin and I need some buttons to have a double state (like edit/save) I get this info via JSON and insert it in the button as:

    - current //['primary'/'secondary']
    - primary // some info
    - secondary // some info

Once I click the button I get here to change the action. So I want to replace the whole link through a template and the info I get from button.data. As I want to replace not only the innerHtml but the outer, I have to use 'replaceWith'. Then I copy the 'data' to the new button and (ideally) delete the older one.

changeButtonAction : function(button, selector){
      var node = button.data('node'),

      if(node.current == 'primary'){
           info = node.secondary;
           node.current = 'secondary';
           info = node.primary;
           node.current = 'primary';

      button.replaceWith(multiReplace(OPERATION_ITEM, info, true));
      button.data('node', $.extend( true, {}, node));

      ... //bit of interaction

The thing is: Once out the function I loose the new data as it says it's undefined. Could somebody help? Using 'replaceWith' it's not a must, so if you come up with another solution it will be ok.

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if possible please make a demonstration in jsfiddle.net so that others will get a better idea of your problem. No need to copy all the code , but just the part where the issue is. Use 'Add Resources ' on left side to add other js files. –  tracevipin Feb 29 '12 at 20:01
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Ok, I solved it.

Thanks to Diode I tried reproducing it in jsfiddle. The click function did not work neither so I changes my code a bit. Instead of replacing with text:

button.replaceWith(multiReplace(OPERATION_ITEM, info, true));
button.data('node', $.extend( true, {}, node));

Do it with an object:

var button2 = $(multiReplace(OPERATION_ITEM, info, true))
    .data('node', $.extend( true, {}, node));

You can see it in action: http://jsfiddle.net/p8vMR/9/

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