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I need to load content with dynamic width within Fancybox iframe. To achieve resizing of the iframe to fit the content, I need to pass the content width to Fancybox call. I have done this using the following:

jQuery('#container').on('click', '.fancybox-iframe', function(e){

    var iframeWidth = parseInt(jQuery(this).attr('id'));

        width           : iframeWidth,
        height          : '100%',
        autoSize        : true,
        fixed           : true,
        type            : 'iframe',
        loop            : false,
        padding         : 0,
        closeBtn        : false,
        afterLoad       : function() {
                            jQuery('body').css('overflow', 'hidden');
        afterClose      : function() {
                            jQuery('body').css('overflow', 'auto');
        helpers         : {title: {type: 'outside'}, overlay: {opacity: 0.8, css: {'background-color': '#FFFFFF'}}, thumbs: {width: 50, height: 50}, buttons: {}}

The HTML for the above:

<a id="<?php echo $content_width; ?>" class="fancybox-iframe fancybox.iframe" rel="gallery" href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"></a>
<a id="<?php echo $content_width; ?>" class="fancybox-iframe fancybox.iframe" rel="gallery" href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"></a>
<a id="<?php echo $content_width; ?>" class="fancybox-iframe fancybox.iframe" rel="gallery" href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"></a>

The above code has two issues: First, I have to click the hyperlink twice, every time for Fancybox to appear. The second issue is that, this does not work with the rel attribute of the HREF and therefore does not display content as a Fancybox gallery. To overcome the gallery issue, I replaced jQuery(this).fancybox({ with jQuery('.fancybox-iframe').fancybox({. This made the galleries feature work. However, Fancybox now only takes the value of iframeWidth variable for the first link clicked.

Any ideas on how to pass content width variable to Fancybox and also maintain the gallery feature? BTW, I am working with Fancybox 2.0.5

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Please see my update – JFK Mar 1 '12 at 1:55
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If you are using fancybox v2.x, you don't need to use jQuery .on() method since fancybox already uses "live" so

  $(".fancybox-iframe").bind('click', function(){
    var iframeWidth = parseInt(jQuery(this).attr('id'));
    width : iframeWidth,

should do the trick.


I have revised my code above and actually things can be much simpler than expected.

The following code allows you to pass the width parameter dynamically through the ID AND have a gallery of iframes (with just a single click). Just add to the afterLoad callback this :

 //other API options here
 afterLoad: function(){
  var iframeWidth = parseInt(jQuery(".fancybox-iframe").eq(this.index).attr('id'));
  this.width = iframeWidth
});// fancybox

Notice that you don't need to set the option width.


Alternatively you could also pass the width parameter dynamically using the data-width attribute (if you are using HTML5 DOCTYPE) instead of the ID (and use the ID for what it matters). I think that would be a more elegant solution.

Your html then should look like

<a data-width="<?php echo $content_width; ?>" id="myID" class="fancybox-iframe fancybox.iframe" rel="gallery" href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"></a>

and the javascript is pretty much the same

 afterLoad: function(){
  var iframeWidth = jQuery(".fancybox-iframe").eq(this.index).data("width");
  this.width = iframeWidth
});// fancybox

I have set a DEMO with the two options that you can see here

Last note: Fancybox uses a padding of 15px so the total width will be iframeWidth + 30, unless you set the padding option to 0.

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This does not work. Clicking the link takes the browser to linked page instead of opening it in Fancybox. Tried with event.preventDefault(); as well. – John Feb 29 '12 at 22:05
It does work even without .preventDefault(). Check that you don't have any other js errors that mat break the code. I will make a demo in the meantime. Also I just notice that width : iframeWidth won't work,... you rather may need to pass the value with the afterLoad callback like afterLoad:function(){this.width = iframeWidth}. I will include that in the demo too. More soon. – JFK Feb 29 '12 at 22:55
You have nailed it. I have a working code using your 1st option. I'll look into your suggestion for using HTML5 doctype and passing width via data. Thx a lot for the help. – John Mar 1 '12 at 10:10
btw, you can access width also using this.width = $(this.element).data('width'); – Janis Mar 1 '12 at 17:47

This is what I used for colorbox (another lightbox) and may give you a look into what you need to do:

onComplete: function () {
   var container = $('.cboxIframe').contents().find(".innerElementWithWidthAndHeight");
   $.fn.colorbox.myResize(container.width() + 20, container.height() + 20);
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Thx for the reply. I do not see any methods specified on Fancybox website for resizing the width. I am not sure if this is available with Fancybox 2.0.5. It was available with earlier versions. – John Feb 29 '12 at 20:00

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