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I know that at the end my question me sound silly and easy to solve but I have been trying for hours to make it work but it does not work at all.

I have a UINavigation bar with a "back" and a "refresh" button. The back button works perfectly but I haven't found any way to make the refresh button to work.

UINavigation bar with button

What I want from the refresh button is to load the whole view again. Like refreshing the whole "viewWillAppear" section. I have tried view reload and setNeedsDisplay but none of the work. Is there any way that I can do this?

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks a lot

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What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Are you just trying to get the code in viewWillAppear to execute again? – dbrajkovic Feb 29 '12 at 19:39
I want the whole view to reload. It is a view that takes your GPS coordinates and redirect you to a website. Therefore I want the whole procedure to take place again because you may change position. This can be done by pressing back and then reload the view because I have my code in viewWillAppear but I want to make it work through the "refresh" button as well – user1015777 Feb 29 '12 at 20:05
Without actually seeing your code, I would recommend moving whatever logic you're doing in your viewWillAppear to its own method, so you can call that method when the refresh button is pressed. – bschultz Feb 29 '12 at 20:19
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Move all functions called in viewWillAppear: into a seperate function with appropriate name and call them when someone clicks the refresh button and in the viewWillAppear:. Example

-(void) gpsRedirect{
     //Do stuff that you did in viewWillAppear:

And use this code for creating a selector that's activated for touch up inside event upon a button. This will trigger the method gpsRedirect which contains what you previously did in viewWillAppear:

[barButtonItemName addTarget:self
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