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I want to convert:




using Notepad++. I've tried


but it didn't work. I have about 20+ files containing multiple occurrences of this and would appreciate any help I can get. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong please?

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Notepad++ won't do a multiline regex. You first have to replace all of the newlines in the file. You can then do a regex replace with

regex: <r>(\d+)</r><g>(\d+)</g><b>(\d+)</b>
replace: rgb="\1,\2,\3"\r\n

Or you can break it up into more steps and do each line individually.

regex: <r>(\d+)</r>
replace: rgb="\1,


regex: <g>(\d+)</g>
replace: \1,


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I just tested this on my system, I highlighted the tags then did search->Replace make sure you have checked Match Whole Word Only and Wrap around. worked for me replacing the text in multiple files.

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