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A route I set is not working:

Route::set('route_id_3', 'mod(/<action>(/<id>(:<name>)))')
    'controller' => 'mod',
    'action'     => 'act',

When I request ID as request parameters, I get everything set after action. e.g. '10:name'

This happens whether it's a colon :, dash or plus +, won't matter unless it's a slash (/)

So, it only works if I replace the colon with slash => /

How can I get it to work with a - or + or colon : ?

Thank you.

ps. I want the 'name' bit to be optional. Regardless it's there or not, I need it to work. And it does, with id alone but I want it such that name being written won't affect it. Like in newspaper website's systems. Thank you!

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Could you give an example of a URL you tried and the exact parameters you were expecting? –  this.lau_ Mar 1 '12 at 2:46

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You can get this by adding regular expression as third parameter in set method.

Route::set('route_id_3', 'mod(/<action>(/<id>(:<name>)))', array('id' => '\d+'))
    'controller' => 'mod',
    'action'     => 'act',

All digits before ':' will be 'id' and any thing after ':' will be 'name'.

So if your uri is 'mod/act/10:test'. Then your id will be 10 and name will be test.

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